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Edinburgh Fringe: Day Three

Suicide Monday! The bane of the free fringe! 2 for 1 day at all the paid shows! No punters! Flyering in vain! Waily waily waily!

Actually it wasn’t that bad. My show had 2 people in and they were both fellow performers, but nobody else had any punters either. EXCEPT the amazing Poets vs MCs, who had a pretty full room. Although to be fair there are quite a lot of them. But they did have some Actual Audience so should be very proud.

Edinburgh Fringe: Day Two


7 shows. Two of my show This Is Awkward, two of Other Voices Spoken Word Cabaret, one Monkey Poet And Friends, and two of The Singing Psychic: Medium School Dropout, Which I am teching. I like teching shows. Need to do more of that. It’s probably not normal for the tech to have a didgeridoo solo, but the singing psychic is that kind of show.

I’m so tired.

I’m only two days into this damn thing!

My show is going over well, to small but engaged audiences. People are saying nice things. I was given the gift of a small mechanical pencil and a coffee by a lovely woman from London today.

Here is a picture of me in my show duds, taken by my coffee and pencil benefactor, Rebecca!

Now. Bed.

Edinburgh Fringe: Day One

What have I got myself into?

I’ve brought a show to the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s called This Is Awkward and it’s poetry about identity, (not) fitting in and , it being me, quite a lot about autism and gender. There’s sticky notes. As well as this, I’m rejoining the fabulous Other Voices cast for regular afternoons of poetry, the splendid Fay Roberts has been giving underrepresented voices at the Fringe a platform in the sumptuous, red, velvety shape of Other Voices for years and it’s probably my favourite thing at the Fringe outside of a haggis butty and an irn bru.

As well as THAT, I am also doing tech/being a glamorous assistant for a wonderfully ridiculous cabaret game show called the singing psychic. All I’m saying is I’ve got a didgeridoo solo…

Then there’s flyering, random guest spots, who knows, actually seeing some shows…

I’ll be fine. It’s fine.

If you’re in Edinburgh, please come and say hello, with the help of this handy guide.

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